The video "Making Of" was filmed during the production of the ICOM award winning interactive website "The Turkish Booty" that was produced for the Badisch State Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany. It won a "Gold Award" against such renowned competitors as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum in Toulouse and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

We at AdvancedVision participated together with the New York Group and Fox Media in the 360° digital capture of exhibits for "The Turkish Booty"

Interiors: Baroque palaces, regency castles, castles

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Exteriors: Baroque palaces, castles & gardens

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Museums, art galleries & exhibitions

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Dinner in a artistic setting.

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Vogelbrau in Baden, Germany is a collection of interesting pubs incorporating bars, restaurants and the typical german beer gardens. Behind the scenes is Rudi Vogel the brewer who through his background and experience developed a cult beer - the Vogelbräu, luxourious in ingredients and unfiltered with a natural aroma. NOTE: This website is only in german.

Öster Malma Castle & Conference hotel
In the heart of Sörmland, near Stockholm, the Öster Malma castle has looked out over lake Malma for almost 350 years. Here, the conference participants are inspired in a relaxing atmosphere within the surrounding wild countryside. The charming baroque castle also offers a romantic setting for weddings and other festivities.

Hilma af Klint - A Pioneer of Abstraction

As early as 1906 Hilma af Klint was developing in seclusion abstract imagery several years before Wassily Kandinsky, who even today is regarded as one of the forerunners in abstract art.
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Bryan Adams Fotografiska

Fifteen years of photography has resulted in Exposed. An exhibition showing Bryan Adams broad and exciting production. The title is well chosen: Exposed - to expose, that's exactly what Bryan Adams photographs do. From the glamorous celebrity world to Wounded In Exposed: The Legacy of War, with war-wounded young British soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every year a film team comes to Sweden to make 5 Inga Lindström films. The film team, about 50 employees (Bayern Fernseh-
produktion GmbH) consists of a camera and audio team, German actors, stylists, etc. Each film is about 90 minutes long and is filmed in Stockholm and Sörmland and is broadcasted from ZDF in German-speaking countries.
The Inga Lindström movies are followed by approximately 13 million viewers. Many of these viewers come to Sweden, just to see the places where the scenes were filmed. NOTE: The website is only in German.

Video Making Of Panoramas museums etc